2024 WSOP: Arash Ghaneian Thriumps in Event #74: $10,000 Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo 8 or Better Championship

Arash Ghaneian won World Series of Poker event #74: $10,000 Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo 8 or Better Championship for $376,476, beating the field of 167 competitors, which generated a prize pool of $1,553,100. Ghaneian beat Richard Sklar in a heads-up battle, who finished in second place earning $250,984. This was Ghaneian’s second WSOP bracelet.

“We came in today, we battled. When the blinds went that high, you know, I talked to him right after dinner and said, ‘Hey, this could go either way.’ And the cards fell my way at the end, and I’m grateful to win the second one.” Ghaneian said in the winner’s interview

Before this win, Ghaneian had $940,118 in total live earnings, with his most significant win being in WSOP’s $1,500 H.O.R.S.E event for $239,750, earning him his first WSOP bracelet in 2015.

Event #74: $10,000 Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo 8 or Better Championship Final Table Results

1 Arash GhaneianUnited States$376,476
2 Richard SklarUnited States$250,984
3 Thomas TaylorCanada$173,533
4 Todd BrunsonUnited States$122,663
5 Eric WassersonUnited States$88,686
6 Dario AliotoItaly$65,620
7 Andrey ZhigalovRussia$49,715
8 Michael RoccoUnited States$38,589
9 Hisashi YamanouchiJapan$30,706

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The Final Table

When the final table was starting, Thomas Taylor was leading the pack in a number of big bets with 46, and Hisashi Yamanouchi was the shortest stack with only four big bets.

Hisashi Yamanouchi was the first one to hit the rail when he completed, and got called by Brunson and Wasserson. Brunson bet on fourth street and two players called. He continued to bet on fifth street, and Yamanouchi went all-in. Brunson had 25/52A6/X against Yamanouchi’s 73/51074/K and Yamanouchi was eliminated in ninth place for $30,706.

Hisashi Yamanouchi

Taylor completed, Zhigalov raised, Rocc called, as did Taylor, and they were three-handed into fourth street. Everybody checked, and Taylore bet on fifth. Zhigalov called, Rocco raised, Taylor reraised, Zhigalov folded, and Rocco called all-in.

Rocco had XX/544 against Taylor’s XX/586, and Taylor made 6768 for a full house, while Rocco had 234 showing trips and low draw. He got 9 on seventh street and hit the table, bending one of the cards in half. Rocco was eliminated in eighth place for $38,589.

Michael Rocco

Zhigalov was all-in on the third with Taylor, Ghaneian, and Wasserson called. Everybody checked on the fourth, Ghaneian bet on the fifth, and only Taylor called. Ghaneian bet on sixth, Taylor called again, and both players checked on the seventh street. Ghaneian had XX/4JA4/X against Taylor’s XX/44310/X, and Ghaneian showed AK3 for aces and fours, and Taylor showed 452 for low, while Zhigalov just mucked and left the table in seventh place for $49,715.

Andrey Zhigalov

Alioto was all-in on the fifth street with 24/A4AK/8 against Taylor’s 103/10J35/3. Alioto was ahead with two better pairs, but the river gave Taylor a better hand, and Alioto was out in sixth place for $65,620.

Dario Alioto

Wasserson was against Taylor on the fourth street, where he called a bet and was all-in with 62/3982/J against Taylor’s 67/63107/A. Taylor was ahead with two pairs, and the river was blank for Wasserson, who was eliminated in fifth place for $88,686.

Eric Wasserson

Brunson was eliminated after he went into a raise battle with Taylor and was all-in on the third street. Taylor finished with AA76322 against Brunson who had Q86543. Brunson hit the 5 on his last card and threw his hand into the muck. Brunson earned $122,553 for his fourth-place finish.

Todd Brunson

Taylor completed, and Ghaneian called. Taylor bet on the fourth, and Ghaneian called. Ghaneian bet on the fifth, and Taylor called an all-in. Ghaneian had XX/3JJ vs Taylor’s XX/789. Ghaneian 5776 while Taylor had A3A for a pair of aces by seventh. He wasn’t able to improve with J, and Ghaneian won the pot, eliminating Taylor in third place for $173,533.

Thomas Taylor

The Heads-Up

Going into the heads-up battle, Richard Sklar had the chip lead, but it was nothing significant, so both players had a chance to take the gold.

In the last hand, Ghaneian opened, and Sklar called. Sklar bet on fourth and fifth street, and Ghaneian called. The sixth street checked through, and Sklar bet on the seventh. Ghaneian raised, and Sklar called off his last chips. Ghaneian had A23 against Sklar’s Q32. Ghaneian had the Wheel and won the hand, eliminating Sklar in second place for $250,984.

Richard Sklar

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* Images and hands courtesy of WSOP and PokerNews

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