2024 WSOP: Caleb Furth Wins his First WSOP Bracelet in $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better Event

Event #15: $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better (8-Handed) has brought 1,277 entries, creating a prize pool of $1,704,795. The event stretched into Day 3, with 14 players battling it out for the title, including the WSOP bracelet and $265,361 for the champion. Caleb Furth came into third day as a chip leader with 124 big blinds, ahead of Andrew Paterson in second place, sitting on 66 big blinds.

England’s Caleb Furth capitalized on his chip lead and won the World Series of Poker Event #15: $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better (8-Handed) for $265,361, eliminating China’s Jiyang Gan in heads-up. This was also Caleb’s first WSOP bracelet and the most significant live MTT cash. His total live MTT earnings before this win was $398,159, and the most considerable cash was $80,000.

WSOP 2024 Event #15: $1,500 Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better Results

1Caleb FurthEngland$265,361
2Jiyang GanChina$176,891
3Walter ChambersUnited States$125,665
4Andreas FrohliAustria$140,273
5Michael MachughCanada$101,853
6Andrew PatersonCanada$75,678
7Tom KoralUnited States$57,570
8Mathias BayerGermany$44,864
9Jason DalyUnited States$35,838

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The Bubble

Daniel Lowrey was eliminated in tenth place when he squeezed against the open and got called from the Furth, who was the opener. The flop came AQ4, and all the money went in. Lowrey was holding AJ42 against Furth, who was holding 8532, but Lowrey couldn’t dodge all the draw since the turn came to 10, and the river was 3, giving Furh the straight. Lowrey won $16,829 for finishing tenth and was awarded the Bubble Boy trophy.

Daniel Lowery

Shortley after the final table was formed with nine players remaning.

The Final Table

Daly was the first to be eliminated when he defended his big blind against Paterson’s open. The flop was Q67. Paterson bet and put Daly all-in. Daly called, and he was ahead, holding AQ99 against Paterson’s AK85.

The turn K changed things and gave Paterson the lead, but the river didn’t change anything. Daly was out in ninth place for $21,498.

Jason Daly

Mathias Bayer was out of luck when he defended his BB in the multiway pot as a short stack against Machugh and Paterson.

The flop was Q103, Bayer shoved for the remaining chips, Machugh reshoved, and Peterson was out of the pot. Bayer had AKQ9 and was against A1062. The turn was 2, and the river was 8, giving Machugh the better hand. Bayer was out in eighth place, earning $27,862.

Mathias Bayer

Seventh place was reserved for Tom Koral, who got eliminated when he was opened from MP and called by Chambers in HJ. The flop came 863; all the remaining chips were in the middle in a matter of seconds. Koral was holding AA75 and was against A442. The turn was J, and the river was 5, giving Chambers the winning hand. Koral won $36,628 for his seventh-place finish.

Tom Koral

The next one to leave was Andrew Paterson when he 3-bet from BB against Furth’s open and got called. The flop was 1087, Paterson went all-in holding KK64 and Furth called with 6542. The turn was 9, and the river was 2, giving Furth a straight and low. Paterson was out in sixth place for $48,833.

Andrew Paterson

Michael Machugh went all-in from BB against Frohli’s SB open and got called. Machugh had A953, and Frohli was holding K652. The board ran 93Q6, giving Frohli trip sixes, and Machugh was out in fifth place for $66,014.

Michael Machugh

After eliminating Machugh, Andreas Frohli was next to go. Gan opened from CO, and Frohli defended the BB.

The flop was 3105, and Frohli was all-in with JJ98; Gan called with A1095, putting Frohli at risk. The turn was 10, the river was 2, and Gan was good with the full house. Frohli was out in fourth place for $90,468.

Andreas Frohli

Short-stacked Walter Chambers was eliminated when he shoved from the SB against limp from Gan, who was on BTN. Furth called from BB, and Gan called. The flop came KJ5, Furth bet, Gan folded, and Chambers was at risk holding 9953 against Furth, holding QJJ6. After the runout, Furth’s set was good, and Chambers was eliminated in third place for $125,665.

Walter Chambers

The Heads-Up

Furth and Gan go into the head to head battle for $265,361 and WSOP bracelet. Starting the heads-up Furth has the 6:1 chip lead over Gan.

After a back-and-forth action, there were a few all-ins where players split, but the final hand happened when Gan opened, Furth shoved, and Gan called. Gan was holding A1097 against Furth’s AJ93, and the board ran KJ10KK, giving Furth the win and eliminating Gan in second place for $176,891.

Jiyang Gan

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Images and hands courtesy of WSOP

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