2024 WSOP: Nick Guagenti Wins the $1,500 Limit Hold’em Event for $121,074

In the 2024 WSOP Event #9 $1,500 Limit Hold’em (8-Handed), we saw 443 entries and a prize pool of $591,405. The event stretched out for the third day, though we saw the final table form on day 2 with nine players remaining. After three eliminations on day 2 final table, the event was over for the day, and action continued on day 3 with six players remaining.

After a hard battle on the final table, Nick Guagenti won a $1,500 Limit Hold’em event for $121,074 and his second WSOP bracelet. Nick is 622th ranked in the US All-time Money List with $2,221,246 in earnings.

Nick Guagenti won a heads-up battle against fellow US player Joseph Brodsky, who earned $80,717 for the second-place finish.

Event #9: Event #9: $1,500 Limit Hold’em Final Table Results

1 Nick GuagentiUnited States$121,074
2 Joseph BrodskyUnited States$80,717
3 George ChenUnited States$54,708
4 Juha HelppiFinland$37,880
5 Qinghai PanUnited States$26,807
6 Bradley CarterUnited States$14,363
7 John KimUnited States$10,886
8 Greg WohletzUnited States$8,450

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The Final Table Recap

Three of the finalists were eliminated before the event was closed for day 2. The first one to leave was Greg Wohletz when his 88 didn’t survive the three-way hand against Bradley Carter and Nick Guagenti, who won the pot with 22, hitting a set on 92K5Q and winning 1,200,000 chips. Wohletz finished in ninth place and has won $8,450.

Greg Wohletz

John Kim was eliminated in eighth place as a short stack when he shoved KQ against Nick Guagenti’s 44. The board was 9924A, and a set of fours was good for Guagenti. Kim won $10,886 for his eighth-place finish.

John Kim

Abdulrahim Amer went all-in with KJ and got called by Bradley Carter with 89, George Chen, and Juha Helppi with A6. The flop was 10106, Helppi bet, Carter called, and Chan folded.

The turn was 3, and both players checked. The river was 4, and both players checked. Helppi showed the best and won the pot. Abdulrahim Amer was out in seventh place for $14,363.

Abdulrahim Amer

That was the end of day 2, and final six players had to battle it out in day 3.

Day 3, Final Table Action Resuming

The first one to go on day 3 was Bradley Carter, hanging on with a short stack after a few lost hands. Three ways into the hand, the board was 2J66, and Bradley was holding 87; both players called Brodsky checked, Helppi bet, and Brodsky 3-bet. The river came 7, Brodsky bet, and Helppi called. Brodsky won the hand with K10, and Carter was out in sixth place for $19,400.

Bradley Carter

Qinghai Pan was next on his way out when he went almost all in from BTN with Ks2x and got called by Guagenti from SB and George Chan in BB. The flop came 8910; everybody checked. The turn was Q, and all the players checked again.

The river was 4, Guagenti bet, Chen folded, and Pan called for the remaining chips. Guangenti’s pair of nines won the pot, and Pan was out in fifth place for $26,807.

Qinghai Pan

Juha Helppi was out in fourth place when he opened from BTN with K4 and got called by Chen with KJ in BB.

The flop was A82. Chen checked, Helppi was all-in for the remaining chips, and Chen called. The turn was 7, the river was 10, and Helppi didn’t catch a four to survive. Helppi won $37,880 for his fourth-place finish.

Juha Helppi

Chen was out when he 3-bet against Guagenti’s open and got called by Guagenti. The flop was J55, Chen c-bet and got raised by Guagenti, Chen called. The turn was J, and the money went in, but unfortunately for Chen, he was drawing to two outs. The river was 8, and Chen was eliminated in third place for $56,708.

George Chen

The Heads-Up Battle

Guagenti did it after a lengthy back-and-forth battle in which Brodsky was short-stacked most of the time and, at some point, fell to only two big blinds. The last hand happened when Guagenti opened it and put all the short-stacked Brodsky in it. Brodsky called. The board ran 7Q2AQ, and Guagenti’s Q8 won against Brodsky’s 84. Brodsky was out in second place for $80,717.

Joseph Brodsky

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Images and hands courtesy of WSOP.

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