Daniel Negreanu’s WSOP Staking Package Sells Out in Minutes

What sells faster than an iPhone on its launch date, a plate of hotcakes, a scoop of ice cream on a scorching summer day, or the latest must-have Nike sneakers drop? You guessed it – it’s Daniel Negreanu’s staking package for this year’s World Series of Poker.

Negreanu’s Fans Crashed the Site

As in previous years, Daniel Negreanu decided to sell a portion of his 2024 WSOP action, exclusively on the PokerStake.com website. A total of 25% of the $1,800,000 expected buy-ins were up for grabs, with a minimum investment of $18 and a maximum of $900. As in tradition, Daniel sold his shares without any markup as he only wants to provide a fun summer sweat to his most loyal fans.

And as expected, fans flocked to the staking website, and the package was sold out in a matter of minutes. In fact, the interest was so high that potential buyers crashed the site, even with the PokerStake tech team on standby. The release was postponed for a couple of hours, and the first 17% of the package sold in under 3 minutes, while the final 8% was halted for the next day, and it went even quicker.

Negreanu’s PokerStake Package

The average piece bought was around $450, meaning there were about 1,000 unique buyers. It seems Negreanu could’ve sold ten times more if he could, as many users left the site empty-handed.

Is Staking Negreanu a Good Investment?

Daniel Negreanu currently sits in seventh place on the all-time money list with more than $52,000,000 in live tournaments winnings, of which more than $21,000,000 are from WSOP events. While winnings don’t necessarily translate into profits, the historical data would suggest that Negreanu is a winning player among the World Series of Poker pool.

Negreanu was always transparent with his WSOP and other poker results, publicly sharing his yearly results. Last year, he ended the 2023 World Series of Poker with a loss of $742,807 in 70 events played and had the worst year of his career, with a yearly loss of $2,228,174 across 145 events.

Daniel Negranu 2013 WSOPE Bracelet

However, this is only his second losing year in the span of the last ten playing years. In 2016, he lost $1,246,693, while 2017 was a breakeven year with -$86,140. Despite a big losing year, he has still almost $11 million in profits since 2013.

One of the biggest selling points, which many don’t realize, is that Negreanu is selling his package without any markup. A player of his caliber could easily charge a big markup, and the package would still be gone in sixty seconds. But it’s clear he is not doing this for the money, at least not directly.

Daniel Negreanu’s Yearly Results Since 2013

2020COVID year
Average per year+$991,735

Quality over Quantity

Last year, Negreanu played in 70 different events at the 2023 World Series of Poker, but his year, he decided to choose quality over quantity. He revealed that his schedule will include about 45 events (excluding the online events), and this time around, he will also take some rest days, which were previously rare during the 17-week grind at the 17 weeks of grind in Horseshoe Las Vegas and Paris Las Vegas in Las Vegas.

He also plans to play only when he’s ready and not push himself unnecessarily. In past years, one of his biggest goals was the WSOP Player of the Year race, which he has won twice (in 2004 and 2013). However, this year, he decided not to pursue it, stating that the system is broken anyway.

Negreanu also intends to gamble less with multiple re-entries in some of the events, not trying to double up and build a stack going all-in when he usually wouldn’t. He also stands out among the old poker heads who can keep up with a new wave of poker players, working hard on his game and studying GTO.

So, were you one of the lucky ones to get a piece of one of the most popular poker players in the world?

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