Inside the 2024 WSOP $25K Fantasy Draft

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The WSOP $25K Fantasy Draft is one of the most anticipated events for poker enthusiasts, merging the excitement of fantasy sports with the competitive nature of high-stakes poker. This event, hosted annually by poker legend Daniel Negreanu, gathers top poker players and enthusiasts who draft teams composed of players expected to perform well during the World Series of Poker.

Overview of the 2024 WSOP $25K Fantasy Draft

The draft took place on May 27, 2024, at the PokerGO Studio in Las Vegas. Each team had a budget of $200 to bid on players, aiming to draft a team that would accumulate the most points throughout the WSOP. The points are awarded based on players’ performances in various WSOP events, with deeper runs and bracelet wins earning more points.

Notable Picks and Strategies

Top Picks:

  • Daniel Negreanu and Shaun Deeb were among the highest bids, with both players consistently delivering strong performances at the WSOP. Negreanu has averaged 161.25 points per year over the last 12 years, while Deeb has been another top performer​.
  • Phil Hellmuth, another fan favorite, continues to be a high-value pick, known for his numerous WSOP records and consistent point accumulation​​.

Value Picks:

  • Roland Israelashvili, drafted for just $2, was highlighted as an excellent value pick due to his reputation as a grinder who logs numerous cashes each year​​.
  • Eli Elezra, at $26, was another notable value pick, with a history of consistent performance in mixed games​​.

High Risks:

  • Phil Ivey was considered a risky pick at $33 due to his unpredictable schedule, which might favor high-stakes cash games over WSOP events​​.
  • Chris Brewer, at $39, was also seen as a reach given his limited cashes in the previous year’s WSOP​​.

Participant Insights and Social Media Buzz

Participants and poker fans took to Twitter to share their excitement and strategies. Daniel Negreanu (@RealKidPoker) tweeted about his high hopes for this year’s draft and his excitement about the players he managed to draft. Shaun Deeb (@shaundeeb) shared his thoughts on the draft process and highlighted some of his value picks that he believes will outperform their bids. Here are some other notable tweets:

Analysis and Historical Context

Historically, the draft has seen various strategies, from star-heavy rosters to balanced teams with multiple value picks. The increase in bracelet events over the years has also affected scoring, making it crucial for teams to draft players who not only have high potential but also participate in numerous events.

Past Winners and Trends:

  • Team DPMC won the 2023 league, largely due to strong performances from low-cost players like Ian Steinman, who was picked for just $1​ (Poker News Home)​.
  • In 2022, Team Maria Ho won, thanks in part to drafting Koray Aldemir for $2, who ended up being the top point earner that year​ (Poker News Home)​.

The WSOP $25K Fantasy Draft adds an extra layer of excitement to the World Series of Poker, allowing fans and participants to engage in a strategic competition that mirrors the highs and lows of the WSOP itself. As the 2024 WSOP unfolds, all eyes will be on the drafted teams to see which strategies and picks pay off.

For more details on the draft and live updates on the scoring, you can visit​.

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