WSOP 2024: James Obst Wins Event #42: $10,000 Seven Card Stud Championship for $260,658

James Obst won the World Series of Poker Event #42: $10,000 Seven Card Stud Championship for $260,658 and his second WSOP bracelet. Obst beat Paul Volpe in a heads-up battle, who earned $173,391 for his second-place finish.

With this win, Obst now moves into the Top 10 of Australia’s All-Time live tournament earnings. He won his first WSOP bracelet in 2017 when he won $ 10,000 Razz Championship event for $265,138.

The event had 107 entries, which generated a prize pool of $995,100 with 17 players in the money, a min-cash of $20,000, and $260,658 for the event winner.

Event #42: $10,000 Seven Card Stud Championship Final Table Results

1 James ObstAustralia$260,658
2 Paul VolpeUnited States$173,391
3 Jason DalyUnited States$118,809
4 Michael LangUnited States$83,932
5 Robert MizrachiUnited States$61,190
6 Juha HelppiFinland$46,084
7 Andre AkkariBrazil$35,893
8 Yuri DzivielevskiBrazil$28,945
9 Kane KalasUnited States$24,198

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Final Table Action

Starting the final table, we saw different stack sizes, with Kane Kalas having six big bets and Paul Volpe as the chip leader sitting on 34 big bets.

James Obst completed before Yuri Dzivielevski raised. Kane Kalas reraised, and Paul Volpe made it four bets; Obst and Dzivielevski folded, and Kalas called. Volpe kept betting on sixth street, and Kalas moved all-in to get called by Volpe.

Kalas had 9Q52 on the table against Volpe’s 244K; Volpe showed KK, leaving Kalas drawing dead with AA. Volpe received 9, Kalas mucked 5 and was eliminated in ninth place for $24,198.

Kane Kalas

Dzivielevski bet on fourth street and Akkari called, he bet again on fifth street and was all-in, Akkari called. Dzivielevski led with a pair of tens against sevens, he paired his deuce on sixth street to give him two pair, but Akkari rivered a king to give him the better two pair eliminating Dzivielevski in eighth place for $28,945.

Yuri Dzivielevski

After eliminating his countryman Dzivielevski, Akkari was next to be eliminated when he was all-in on fourth street and got called by Volpe, who hit trip sixes on sixth street, eliminating Akkari in seventh place for $35,893. Akkari had K10K10QQ4 against Vople’s 6543668.

Andre Akkari

Next on his way home was Juha Helppi, who completed and called a raise from Obst. Obst bet on the fourth, Helppi called, and he bet his pair of aces on the fifth, which Obst called. Helppi called for all of his chips on the sixth and was at risk. Helppi showed two pair holding JJ78AA9, but Obst had 954Q575 for trips fives, eliminating Helppi in sixth place for $46,084.

Juha Helppi

Volpe completed and got raised by Obst, Mizachi reraised, Volpe 4-bet, Obst called, Mizrachi went all-in, and everybody called. Obst bet on the fourth, Volpe called. Obst continued to bet on fifth, and Volpe folded. Obst showed JJ299KQ for two pair, and Mizrachi had 101049A6 for one pair and flush draw, but he missed on seventh when 7 came and sent Mizrachi home in fifth place for $61,190.

Robert Mizrachi

Lang completed and shoved all-in against Daly’s raise. Daly hit the flush on the sixth street with A95KQ6, and Lang was drawing dead with his A6Q34K before seventh street came. Lang was out in fourth place for $83,932.

Michael Lang

Daly bet on the fourth street, and Obst called; Daly bet again on the fifth street, Obst raised, and Daly went all-in; Obst called. Obst was ahead, holding two pair, and Daly was hoping to hit the flush draw to stay alive. Sixth and seventh street didn’t bring any diamonds, and Daly was out in third place for $118,809.

Jason Daly

The Heads-Up

Volpe and Obst entered the heads-up battle almost even in stack size, and both had open paths to winning $260,658 and a WSOP bracelet.

After a long battle, the final hand happened when Volpe completed with A Obst raised with 4, Volpe went all-in, and Obst called. Obst had J4Q8510 hitting a pair of fours while Volpe completely missed and was out in second place for $173,391

Paul Volpe

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* Images and hands courtesy of WSOP and PokerNews

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