WSOP 2024: Khang Pham Takes Down Event #46: $1,000 SENIORS No-Limit Hold’em Championship for $677,326

Khang Pham

Khang Pham took down the World Series of Poker Event #46: $1,000 SENIORS No-Limit Hold’em Championship for $677,326 and his first WSOP bracelet. This win is Pham’s most significant live MTT score by far, as the previous high score was from 2019 when he won a $545 No Limit Hold’em event for $54,864. Pham has earned $1,017,449 playing live MTTs.

“I should have got knocked out at the end of Day 3 but I ended up getting really lucky against a great player,” said Pham to PokerNews.

The event had 7,954 entries, which generated a prize pool of $6,999,520 with 1,196 players in the money. The min-cash was $2,000.

Event #46: $1,000 SENIORS No-Limit Hold’em Championship Final Table Results

1 Khang PhamUnited States$677,326
2 Marc WolpertUnited States$451,585
3 Renmei LiuCanada$339,366
4 Mark BramleyUnited States$256,754
5 Luke GrahamUnited States$195,573
6 Ray DevitaCanada$149,989
7 Randy LevinUnited States$115,823
8 Shawn StuartUnited States$90,060
9 William ByrnesUnited States$70,516
10 Ken DengUnited States$55,602

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Final Table Action

Starting the final table, Marc Wolpert was the big chip leader, sitting with 110 big blinds, and Ken Deng was the short stack with only six big blinds.

The first one to leave the final table was short-stacked Ken Deng when he moved all-in with 98 against Bramley’s open and got called by AA. The board ran out 428KJ, giving Deng a pair of eights on the flop but no extra help on the turn and the river. Deng was out in tenth place for $55,602.

Ken Deng

William Byrnes was next on the exit line after he shoved from BB with 88 against Wolpert, who opened from SB with 1010 and called. The dealer put out 4J2A7 and tens held for Wolpert. Byrnes was out in ninth place for $70,516.

William Byrnes

Pham opened from UTG, and Shawn Stuart defended his big blind with a call. The flop came A1010, Stuart checked, Pham bet, Stuart raised, and Pham called. The turn was 6, Stuart was all in for the remaining chips, and Pham called. Stuart was on a flush draw holding Q2 against Pham’s AQ. The river came K, knocking Stuart out in eighth place for $90,060.

Shawn Stuart

Randy Levin was all-in from UTG; he got called by Liu out of SB, and Bramley shoved from BB. Levin called, and Liu folded. Levin had Q9 vs Bramley’s K9, and the runout was 1047108 showing no queens or nines for Levin. Levin was out in seventh place for $115,823.

Randy Levin

Ray Devita went all-in from BB against Graham who opened from BTN and called the all-in. Devita had A6 against Graham’s AJ. The board ran 783JJ. Graham had domination and no sixes were there to help Devita who ended the tournament in sixth place for $149,989.

Ray Devida

After sending Devita home, Luke Graham was next to leave when he shoved from the BTN against Wolpert who opened-called an all-in from CO. Graham was behind holding 88 against Wolpert’s JJ, and the board didn’t show any mercy giving Wolpert top set on J63 flop. Graham’s only hope was to hit runner-runner quads, but the turn was K, and he was drawing dead. The river came 7, and Graham was out in fifth place for $195,573.

Luke Graham

Bramley was all-in, and he got called by Liu preflop. Bramley held K6 vs Liu’s A4, the dealed put 49389 on the table, giving Liu winning pair of fours, and eliminating Bramley in fourth place for $256,754.

Mark Bramley

Renmei Liu was next to leave when he 3-bet-called from BB with 88 against Pham, who opened from SB, and shoved vs 3-bet with AsKs. The flop was 94J, giving Pham a flush draw, but Liu was still ahead with a pair of eights until the turn Q gave Pham the nuts before the river 6 ended the story, eliminating Liu in third place for $339,366.

Renmei Liu

The Heads-Up

Going into the heads-up, Pham had a slight chip lead, but the path to victory was open for both players.

After a few hands, Pham increased his lead and was slowly moving closer to the title. The final hand started when Pham limped from BTN, and Wolpert checked. The flop was J2; Wolpert checked, Pham bet, and Wolpert called. The turn was 10, and Wolpert was all-in. Pham took a few moments to think before he called with J9 against Wolpert’s 109. The river was 8, eliminating Wolpert in second place for $451,585.

Marc Wolpert

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* Images and hands courtesy of WSOP and PokerNews

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