WSOP 2024: Santhosh Suvarna Beats Ben Tollerene to Win Event #55: $250,000 Super High Roller for $5,415,152

Santhosh Suvarna won the World Series of Poker Event #55: $250,000 Super High Roller No-Limit Hold’em for $5,415,152. Suvarna was one of the stars from the last season of High Stakes Poker, and appearing in other high-stakes cash game streams. This was Suvarna’s second WSOP bracelet. His first WSOP bracelet came from winning €50,000 No Limit Hold’em – WSOPE 50k Diamond High Roller event for $695,291 in 2023.

“I’m feeling very happy,” Suvarna said, “Every day, I’m learning. I’m doing very good.”

The event had 75 entries, which generated a prize pool of $18,675,000 with 12 players in the money. The min-cash was $506,757. We saw plenty of known players in this tournament, starting with Phil Ivey, Adrian Mateos, Ben Tollerene, Mikita Badziakouski and others.

Event #55: $250,000 Super High Roller No-Limit Hold’em Final Table Results

1 Santhosh SuvarnaIndia$5,415,152
2 Ben TollereneUnited States$3,537,135
3 Chris HunichenUnited States$2,397,312
4 Matthias EibingerAustria$1,688,278
5 Charles HookUnited States$1,237,296
6 Taylor von KriegenberghUnited States$945,219
7 Jeremy AusmusUnited States$754,052
8 Mikita BadziakouskiBelarus$629,407
9 Sean WinterUnited States$550,878

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Final Table Action

At the start of the final table, Ben Tollerene was holding the chip lead with 91 big blinds. Mikita Badziakouski was shortest stack with 15 big blinds.

Sean Winter was unlucky when he cold 4-bet with KK against Tollerene’s UTG open and von Kriegenbergh’s 3-bet from HJ. Tollerene folded JJ, Von Kriegenbergh used all of his time bank chips, and 5-bet shoved with QQ. Winter had Von Kriegenbergh dominated, but the flop showed 9Q3, giving von Kriegenbergh a top set. The turn was 6, and the river was 7, improving Von Kriegenbergh to flush. Winter was eliminated in ninth place for $550,878.

Sean Winter

Mikita Badziakouski opened from HJ with A8, Eibinger raised from SB with JJ, putting Badziakouski into the tank for a few minutes before he called, and all-in. The board ran Q91036, and pocket jacks held. Badziakouski was eliminated in eighth place for $629,407.

Mikita Badziakouski

Ben Tollerene opened from UTG with A10, Ausmus shoved from CO with QQ, and Tollerene called after thinking for a bit. The flop J108 was dangerous for Tollerene as Ausmus flopped an open-ended straight draw plus backdoor flushdraw and still had two overcards. The turn 4 gave Ausmus more outs, but the river was 8, ending the dream, and Ausmus was out in seventh place for $754,052.

Jeremy Ausmus

Tollerene opened from UTG with J10, and Von Kriegenbergh called from BTN with KK. The flop came K63, Tollerene c-bets, and Von Kriegenbergh called with top set. The turn was 9, giving Tollerene an open-ended straight draw, and he continued to bet. Von Kriegenbergh called again; the river was Q; Tollerene hit his straight and bet again. Von Kriegenbergh raised; Tollerene paused for a bit and put Von Kriegenbergh all-in with a raise. Von Kriegenbergh quickly called and was eliminated in sixth place for $945,219.

Taylor von Kriegenbergh

Fifth place was reserved for Charles Hook, who jammed with 1010 against Hunuchen’s Co open, Tollerene re-shoved from SB with AK, and Hunichen folded AJ. The dealer put 22422 on the table, counterfeiting pocket tens and giving A-high the win. Hook was out with $1,237,296 in his pocket.

Charles Hook

Next to leave was Matthias Eibinger, who called from BB against Tollerene’s SB shove. Eibinger had 22 vs. Tollerene’s K9, and once again, Tollerene came out as the winner after the board ran J10874 giving him straight on the turn. Einbinger was eliminated in fourth place for $1,688,278.

Matthias Eibinger

Hunichen opened from BTN with K3, and Suvarna defended his big blinds with a call holding 102. The dealer spread the 4210, Suvarna checked, Hunichen c-bet, and Suvarna raised. Hunichen went for a shove, and Suvarna snap-called. Both players hit the flop, but Suvarna was ahead with two pairs. The turn was K, giving Hunichen some outs, but the river was 8, and Hunichen was eliminated in third place for $2,397,312.

Chris Hunichen


Going into the heads-up battle, Tollerene was ahead, but Suvarna had more than enough chips to fight back.

After the big hand, Tollerene was left short-stacked. The last hand action was short and simple: Tolleren went all-in with Q4, and Suvarna called with 107. The board ran JA5A10, and Suvarna rivered the win. Ben Tollerene was eliminated in second place for $3,537,135.

Ben Tollerene

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* Images and hands courtesy of WSOP and PokerNews

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