WSOP 2024: Scott Seiver Triumps in Event #40: $1,500 Razz, Wins $141,374 and Sixth WSOP Bracelet

Scott Seiver won World Series of Poker Event #40: $1,500 Razz for $141,374 and his sixth WSOP Bracelet. In a heads-up battle, Seiver beat Shack-Harris, who won $94,247 for his second-place finish.

This is Seiver’s second bracelet win in WSOP 2024, moving him up to tenth place in all-time WSOP bracelet winners with Daniel Negreanu, Sean Deeb, and others. Seiver is currently 30th on the All-Time Money List with $26,121,620 in total live earnings.

The event had 547 entries, which generated a prize pool of $730,245, with 83 players in the money, $141,374 waiting for the champion, and a minimum cash of $3,000.

Event #40: $1,500 Razz Final Table Results

1 Scott SeiverUnited States$141,374
2 Brandon Shack-HarrisUnited States$94,247
3 Ingo KlasenGermany$64,588
4 Maxx ColemanUnited States$45,117
5 Soner OsmanGreat Britan$32,136
6 Akihiro KawaguchiJapan$23,349
7 Brad LindseyUnited States$17,313
8 Ben YuUnited States$13,105
9 Seven AbitbolFrance$10,132

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Final Table Action

Opening the final table, Brad Lindsey was the chip leader with 21 big bets, ahead of Akihiro Kawaguchi with 20 big bets. Scott Seiver was the most notable name sitting with 15 big bets.

The first one to leave was Seven Abitbol, who raised against Siever’s limp; Siever 3-bet, and Abitbot called. Seiver bet on fourth street, Abitbol raised, and Seiver called. On fifth street, Seiver check called; on sixth street, Abitbol was all-in, and Seiver called. Seiver had T3/2843/7 vs. A3/982T/T, and eliminated Abitbol with eight-seven vs nine-eight. Abitbol was out in ninth place for $10,132.

Steven Abitbol

Maxx Coleman was eliminated in eighth place when he completed with 8x, Soner Osman called with 5, and Bey Yu called with 3. Soner Osman folded on fourth street, and Coleman won the hand with 7A/8225/K vs. 87/3KTK/X. Yu was drawing dead on seventh street as Coleman made eight-seven to eliminate Yu who earned $13,105 for finishing eighth.

Ben Yu

Final Table chip leader Brad Lindsey was next to be eliminated when Shack-Harris completed with 5, Lindsey raised with 2, and Shack-Harris called. Lindsey had 43/22Q9/9 vs. 76/5324/J, and Lindsey led on fourth and was all-in on fifth, Shack-Harris called. Shack-Harris had six-five, and Lindsey was out in seventh place for $17,313.

Brad Lindsey

Akihiro Kawaguchi was out in sixth place for $23,349 after raising, and Klased defended his bringing in. Kawaguchi bet on fourth street, Klasen called. On fifth, Kawaguchi called a bet from Klasen and was all-in. After the final street, Klasen was better with jack-eight to beat Kawaguchi, who didn’t make five-card low, and Kawaguchi was out. Kawaguchi had 72/8QQ2/7 vs. Klasen’s 83/KJAA6.

Akihiro Kawaguchi

Soner Osman was eliminated when he went all-in on fourth street vs. Seiver, who called with A8/246A/5 vs. Osman’s A3/8T3K/5. The remaining streets were dealt, and Seiver’s six-five beat Osman’s ten-eight. Osman was eliminated in fifth place for $32,136.

Soner Osman

Maxx Coleman was out in the fourth place when he went all-in on the fourth street vs. Shack-Harris, who had Q6/4575/A vs. Coleman’s 32/J9AK/3. Shack-Harris made a seven-six and beat Coleman’s jack-nine. Coleman earned $45,117 for his fourth-place finish.

Maxx Coleman

Ingo Klasen was next to leave the table. Both Brandon Shack-Harris and Ingo Klaven were holding short stacks, Shack-Harris completed, Scott Seiver raised, Klaven defended his bring-in, and Shack-Harris called. All three players checked on fourth street. On fifth street, Klaven bet, and both Shack-Harris and Seiver called. On sixth street, Klaven bet again. Shack-Harris, folded. Seiver called. Klasen was all-in on seventh street, and Seiver called with XX/7QK9/X vs. Klasen’s XX/9xJ74/X Seiver shoved 53A for a 9-7-5-3-A to beat Klasen’s 9-7-6-5-4 with Q65. Seiver won the hand, and Klasen was out in third place for $64,588.

Ingo Klasen

The Heads-Up

The heads-up didn’t last long as Seiver did a final blow and took the win home as Shack-Harris was short-stacked after the hand the Klasen was eliminated in.

Brandon Shack-Harris defended his bring-in from Scott Seiver’s raise to put himself at risk. The cards were revealed, and the remaining streets dealt, giving Seiver a ten-seven to beat the queen-jack of Shack-Harris and eliminate him in second place for $94,247.

Brandon Shack-Harris

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* Images and hands courtesy of WSOP and PokerNews

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