WSOP 2024: Xixiang Luo Takes Down Event #41: $1,500 Mixed NLH / PLO Double Board Bomb Pot for $270,820

Xixiang Luo won the World Series of Poker Event #41: $1,500 Mixed NLH / PLO Double Board Bomb Pot for $270,820, beating Daniel Hachem, who earned $180,541 for his second-place finish. This is Xixiang Luo’s first WSOP bracelet win.

Xixiang Luo has earned $3,136,858 playing live MTTs, with the most significant score of $311,843 when he won KRW 2,500,000 No Limit Hold’em – APT Main Event.

The event had 1,312 entries, which created a prize pool of $1,751,520 with 197 players in the money, a min-cash of $3,011 and $270,820 reserved for the winner.

Event #41: $1,500 Mixed NLH / PLO Double Board Bomb Pot Final Table Results

1 Xixiang LuoChina$270,820
2 Daniel HachemUnited States$180,541
3 William KoppUnited States$127,925
4 David FunkhouserUnited States$91,891
5 Quan ZhouChina$66,930
6 Marcos ExterkotterBrazil$49,439
7 Gabi LivshitzIsrael$37,044
8 Robert CoteUnited States$28,161
9 Joseph DulaneyUnited States$21,725

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Final Table Action

Opening the final table, none of the players were short-stacked. The shortest stack was Robert Cote, with 12 big blinds; on the other side, William Kopp had 81 big blinds.

The first one to be eliminated wasn’t the shortest stack, but Joseph Dulaney defended his BB against Funkhouser’s open. The flop was 7Q9; Dulaney checked, Funkhouser went for a pot-sized bet, Dulaney repotted, Funkhouser called, and all the chips were in the middle. Dulaney had QQ73 against Funkhouser’s AJ109. The turn was 8. Dulaney couldn’t river the full house and was out in ninth place for $21,725.

Joseph Dulaney

The next one to hit the door was the shortest stacked Robert Cote, who was all-in on the flop 1078 with Q8 and got called by Exterkotter who was holding 77. Turn left Cote without any outs, and he was eliminated in eighth place for $28,161.

Robert Cote

Seventh place was reserved for Gabi Livshitz, who opened and called a 3-bet from Luo, who was on the BTN. The flop came Q97, Livshitz check-called a bet, the turn was 2, and all the money went in. Livshitz was holding AQ against Luo’s KK. The river was 7, and Livshitz was eliminated in seventh place for $37,044.

Gabi Livshitz

Xixiang Luo opened-called an all-in from Marcos Exterkotter, who was at risk holding A5 against Luo’s AK. The board ran Q9732, no fives came to Exterkotter’s help, and he was out in sixth place for $49,439.

Marcos Exterkotter

Quan Zhou was out in fifth place when Kopp opened; Zhou 3-bet-called a cold 4-bet from Funkhouser, and Kopp folded. Zhou had AK102 against Funkhouser’s AA76, the flop was Q63A5 and the top set was good for Funkhouser. Zhou earned $66,930 for his fifth-place finish.

Quan Zhou

Funkhouser was all-in on the BTN, and he got called by Kopp from BB. Funkhouser was holding K8 against Funkhouser’s AJ, the board ran 65373, giving Kopp a flush on the turn, and eliminating Funkhouser in fourth place for $91,891.

David Funkhouser

Kopp was all-in from the BTN with K4, and Hachem called with 88. The board ran Q45710, showing no kings on sight, and Kopp was out in third place for $127,925.

William Kopp

The Heads-Up

Going into the heads-up, Luo had a lead over Hachem of 20.6 million chips to 12.1 million chips. $270,820 was reserved for the champion and WSOP bracelet.

Hachem limped from the BTN, Luo raised, Hachem reraised, and Luo called. The flop was 997, Lou went all-in, and Hachem snap-called. Hachem was holding AK107 against Luo’s J1098; Luo was ahead with trips on nines, the turn was 5, and the river was 4, giving Luo the best hand and the win. Hachem was out in the second position for $180,541.

Daniel Hachem

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* Images and hands courtesy of WSOP and PokerNews

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