2024 WSOP: Shiina Okamoto Wins Event #71: $10,000 LADIES Championship No-Limit Hold’em

Shiina Okamoto

Shiina Okamoto won World Series of Poker event #71: $10,000 LADIES Championship No Limit Hold’em for $171,732, beating the field of 1,245 competitors, which generated a prize pool of $1,095,600. Okamoto beat Jamie Kerstetter in a heads-up battle, who finished in second place earning $114,479.

“After finishing second last year and with all my supporters here, winning this year feels even more special” Okamoto said through a translator.

Shiina Okamoto recorded her first live MTT cash in 2021 when she came third in the Japan Open Poker Tour OPT Tokyo. Her previous most significant win came in 2023 when she came second in the SOP $1,000 No Limit Hold’em Ladies Championship event for $118,768.

Event #71: $10,000 LADIES Championship No-Limit Hold’em Final Table Results

1 Shiina OkamotoJapan$171,732
2 Jamie KerstetterUnited States$114,479
3Ceci LiaoUnited States$81,573
4Linda DurdenUnited States$58,910
5Mor KamberIsrael$43,125
6Cecile TicherfatineFrance$32,007
7Susan BluerUnited States$24,090
8Haruna FujitaJapan$18,390
9Andrea SagerUnited States$14,242

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The Final Table

Coming into the final table with ten players remaining, Jamie Kerstetter had the chip lead with 133 big blinds, Shiina Okamoto was second with 97, and Ruth Kwiatkowski was the shortest stack with nine big blinds.

The first one to face elimination was Ruth Kwiatkowski, who went all-in with 55 and got called by Mor Kamber, who was holding AK. The board ran 42K107, and the king on the flop was the end of the road for Kwiatkowski, who finished in tenth place for $11,191.

Ruth Kwiatkowski

The next one on the way out was Andrea Sager, who was all-in with 55 against Durden’s UTG open, who had QQ and called the all-in. There was no help for pocket fives when the dealer showed 2949A. Sager was eliminated in ninth place for $14,242.

Andrea Sager

Haruna Fujita opened from the SB, Kerstetter 3-bet from BB before Fujita went all-in with 33, and Kerstetter called with A6. Fujita was left with only two outs when the 26Q flop came. The turn was 10, and the river was 9, eliminating Fujita in eighth place for $18,390.

Haruna Fujita

After the dinner, the event was restarted. Susan Bluer moved all-in from SB with 66, and she got called by Okamoto with KQ. The board 375JK was good for Bluer until Okamoto spiked the king on the river. That was the end for Bluer who finished in seventh place for $24,090.

Susan Bluer

Out in sixth place was Cecile Ticherfatine, who shoved from BTN with KJ and got called by Kerstetter from SB, who was holding KQ. The flop was 1038, extending Kerstetter’s lead. The turn was J, giving Ticherfatine the lead, but just for a brief moment since the river was K, completing the flush for Kerstetter. Ticherfatine earned $32,007 for her sixth-place finish.

Cecile Ticherfatine

Mor Kamber was the next elimination when she defended her big blind against an open from Kerstetter. The flop came 1045. Kamber checked, Kerstetter bet, Kamber raised, and Kerstetter 4-bet, putting Kamber all-in. Kamber took her time to think and called. Kamber was holding J7 against Kerstetter’s A9. The turn was 6, leaving Kamber with only two outs, and the river was 9. Kamber was eliminated in fifth place for $43,125.

Mor Kamber

Linda Durden was next to leave when she defended her big blind, holding KJ, against Liao, who opened from BTN, holding KK. The flop was 948, Durden was all-in, and Liao quickly called. Durden needed running jacks or straight to stay alive. The turn was Q, and the river was A, eliminating Durden in fourth place for $58,910.

Linda Durden

After eliminating Durden, Liao was next on the line. Kerstetter opened from BTN, Liao 3-bet from SB, Okamoto 4-bet shoved from BB, and Liao was the only caller. Liao got cooler, running into KK while holding QQ. The dealer showed no mercy, putting down K74 on the flop, and the turn was 3, leaving Liao drawing dead. Liao was eliminated in third place for $81,573.

Chen Liao

The Heads-Up

Entering the final table, Okamoto and Kerstetter were the biggest stacks, and they ended up playing for the title, with Karstetter having the chip lead.

The last hand happened when Kerstetter limped from BTN, and Okamoto checked. The flop came 10A9, and Okamoto check-called a bet. The turn was 5; Okamoto checked again, Kerstetter continued to bet, and Okamoto was all-in. Kerstetter called, and she was in bad shape holding A7 against Okamoto’s 95. The river was 2, leaving Kerstetter with just one pair. Kerstetter was eliminated in second place for $114.479.

Jamie Kerstetter

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* Images and hands courtesy of WSOP and PokerNews

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