5.000 GTD Tournament Now Every Saturday on PokerBros 12 May

The Mediterranean Union on PokerBros is preparing great tournaments which shouldn't be missed. There will be a 5,000 GTD tournament every Saturday, and for the start, they have prepared a multi-day 10,000 GTD for you, which starts today.


✅ BUY IN : 100
✅ STACK : 25.000
✅ BLINDS : 12 minutes
✅ LATE REG. : 180 minutes (level15)
✅ EARLY BIRD : 20% (level 0)

  • DAY 1a: 12/5 Wednesday (20:00 CET)
  • DAY 1b: 13/5 Thursday (20:00 CET)
  • DAY 1c: 14/5 Friday (20:00 CET)
  • DAY 2: 15/5 Saturday(18:00 CET)

In the Mediterranean Union, PokerPro has its own Fat Lobster (ID: 210355) club, where you can find these great PokerBros MTTs. For more info, contact our Support Team, where they will help you set up your account and also prepare an excellent VIP deal.

Check out Fat Lobster Review:

Primarily, Pokerbros is designed to play chips, but it allows you to create private clubs and unions where you will find a huge amount of promotions on tables and various tournaments. PokerPro has access to twenty-one different clubs, ranked in thirteen different unions.
If you want to play the most profitable game of 2021, Pokerbros is the right address for you. In the union presented, you will find many different games designed for all players, from the lowest to the highest limits.

How can you start playing?

Contact us via one of the following options:
WhatsApp / Telegram: +386 69 700 179
Mail: prosupport@pokerpro.cc
Skype: https://join.skype.com/invite/mDg7oNhEIEj7

Our support team, which is always available to help, will be happy to help you.
Good luck at the tables!
PokerBROS is not a sponsor or in any way affiliated with the activities of this club.
PokerBROS is an online gambling platform and does not offer any real money services.

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