GG Network with more than $700.000 in October’s promotions 02 Oct

GG Network will once again award its players with huge $700,000 money prizes in October. No wonder the popularity of GG rises daily as this site takes 3rd place among poker providers.

$500,000 Rush & Cash

There are two ways to earn promotional money on Rush & Cash tables during the month of October:

  • $400,000 Rush & Cash Leaderboards
  • $20,000 Rush & Cash Weekly Missions

$400,000 Rush & Cash Leaderboards

Every week from Sunday to Saturday there’s going to be 4 different leaderboards, one for each blind level of Rush & Cash, rewarding total of $100,051. Players will earn 1 point for every $0.01 in rake and there’s no opt-in required.

$20,000 Rush & Cash Weekly Missions

Rush & Cash Weekly Missions were designed to make experience at the tables even more fun. If you complete at least five missions per week, you will get into weekly $20,000 freeroll.

Everyday you will be given a choice of three daily missions and you need to complete one of them. Mission won’t be too difficult, here are some examples:

  • Play x hands (e.g 200, 300, 400 etc)
  • Receive certain hole cards (e.g pocket aces, kings etc.)
  • Take out all-in insurance and receive a payout
  • Make your opponent fold on the river with 2,7 (hold cards)

If you complete more than five missions in a week, it grants you more chips in your freeroll starting stack:

  • Five completed missions = 2,000 chips in your starting stack
  • Six completed missions = 4,000 chips in your starting stack
  • Seven completed missions = 10,000 chips in your starting stack

$100,000 Omaha Fest

GG haven’t forgotten for all the fans of 4 cards. In October there will be eight different Omaha leaderboards, rewarding 257 players with a share of $100,000.

You earn points by participating in raked hand at PLO tables. Points are generated from different stakes and will be summed independently. This means you can earn prizes across multiple leaderboards.