Hot Tables Arrive at partypoker With Boosted Pots on Cash Game Tables 13 Mar

Hot Tables launched on March 11 and now partypoker players can win cash prizes worth up to $500 on top of the pot they get their hands on. There is no need to opt-in and you do not need to do anything special to be in with a chance of some free cash, you simply play NLH and PLO cash and fastforward games with blinds from $0.05/$0.10 to $0.50/$1.

Thousands of tables are randomly selected to become Hot Tables each and every day, and this is where the fun and value begins. A pop-up shows how much the Hot Tables are boosted by. A cash prize of between 1 Big Blind and 500 Big Blinds is awarded to the winner of the pot, meaning you can win up to $500 extra on top of the pot itself just for playing cash games.

At the same time, the operator has decided to discontinue the ongoing cash game leaderboards for all stakes with immediate effect. The new feature promises to give more players the chance to win a massive, boosted cash prize at any moment!

"Hot Tables should attract more recreational players, which is good for everyone overall as they will create a healthier ecology," partypoker Twitch and Community Manager Colette Stewart said on the official partypoker Discord channel.

Everything you need to know about the new Hot Tables

  • The "Hot Tables" feature is available at NL and PLO cash game and fastforward tables
  • It is currently available for stakes from $0.05/$0.10 up to $0.5/$1 with all other stakes being added soon
  • Hot Tables are not active at heads-up tables, Club Games or tables with restricted access
  • There must be at least three players at the table in order to activate the feature
  • If the players agree to "run it twice", then only the first board qualifies for the Hot Tables boost
  • Hot Tables will replace all cash leaderboards from March 11 on

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