Hot Tables on partypoker Just Got Even Hotter 16 May

The Hot Tables feature on partypoker is set to reward even more players with cash prizes just for playing their favourite cash games and fastforward games. They now added three new stakes to the Hot Tables roster in addition to increasing the maximum payout to a cool $1,000!

There are now seven different stakes where Hot Tables can trigger courtesy of partypoker adding $0.01/$0.02, $0.02/$0.05, and $1/$2 cash games and fastforward tables to the feature. Trigger one of the Hot Tables at the $1/$2 tables, hit the biggest prize of $1,000 that will land on your account, in addition to the already won pot.

What Are partypoker’s Hot Tables?

Hot Tables is the relatively new feature partypoker launched to reward more players. partypoker cancelled their cash game leaderboards that only rewarded a select few high-volume grinders. Hot Tables makes it possible to return more money to partypoker’s customers in a completely randomized way.

A Hot Table can trigger at any No-Limit Hold’em or Pot-Limit Omaha cash game or fastforward game where at least three players are dealt into the hand. You know instantly if you are on a Hot Table thanks to a displayed graphic on your table.

The software generates a random cash prize worth between one big blind and 500 big blinds. This prize goes to the winner of the hand in addition to the money they win from the pot. It is a cool feature that adds both excitement and value to cash game players’ sessions.

New Hot Tables Possible Payouts 


Minimum Prize

Maximum Prize






















More than 250,000 Hot Tables were triggered between their launch on March 11 and May 10, with more than 50% of partypoker’s cash game and fastforward players seeing at least one Hot table each day! $490 is the most money any of the Hot Tables winners have won to-date, but that should soon increase to $1,000 with the addition of the $1/$2 tables.

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