iPoker welcomes a new football-themed poker format 02 Oct

iPoker network has announced a new poker format called Football Stars, which will replace the current Speed Poker, in hopes of bringing more blazers to the fast-fold tables; sports fans, and casino players alike.

Football Stars is a new version of fast-fold games on iPoker network, with three added jackpots (daily, weekly, and a mystery jackpot), to spice things up.
Game features:

  • The games are, at the moment, only available up to NL20 (with other limits coming in the future).
  • 5-max format to make the games more action-packed.
  • 5% rake, with a cap of 1€ onwards.
  • Your avatar will be replaced with the images of football stars
  • The format includes three different jackpots

The jackpots prize pools are “financed” by the players of the format. Of each bet made in Football Stars game, 2% will go to the jackpot prize pool, but never more than 0.10€.
There are three different jackpots:

  • Daily - it is guaranteed to be won once each day
  • Weekly - guaranteed to be won once per week
  • Mystery - the biggest jackpot of +784,000€, with no time frame

For the daily and weekly jackpots, you will have timers on the table, until when they will hit at the latest.