MONSTER STACK WEEK on CoinPoker Starts August 14 07 Aug

Join CoinPoker to test your skills in deep stack poker during the MONSTER STACK WEEK, starting August 14.

Monster stack week will run tournaments with buy-ins of ₮5, ₮25, and ₮75 every day between 14 and 20 August. CSOP tickets worth over ₮1750 will be awarded throughout the week to spice it all up.

Deep Stack Poker Excitement

Experience the excitement of Monster Stack Week, where each tournament begins with a massive stack of 100,000 chips!
This week-long event adds new fun and challenges to the game. Starting with such a big chip stack gives you more room to strategize and makes every hand more important.
With more extended playtime, you'll need patience and skill to succeed. It's an excellent opportunity to show off your poker skills. Visit the tournament lobby for more info.

Game Structure & Schedule

All events start at 6 PM GMT each day. 

  • Starting Chips: 100,000
  • Rebuys [R]: Available when the stack falls below 100,000 during the late rebuy period.
  • Add-on [A]: Not applicable
  • Structure: Levels 1-14 are 6 minutes. Levels 15 onward are 5 minutes.
  • Late Registration: 84 minutes with Rebuy available for 14 levels.

Monster Stack Week Full Schedule is available here

How to Get Started

Starting to play at CoinPoker is extremely simple: just follow the link to download and install the app, then choose a username and set up your account. Once you’ve entered your basic information, you will get a verification email. There’s an extra verification step: you can choose between a phone number verification, in which you receive a code through an SMS, or a third-party KYC app called Civic, which you install and then scan a barcode to finish setting up your account.