Nordic gods are calling you to battle on partypoker 27 Jun

On partypoker, you have a chance to take part in a very interesting promotion called Ragnarök Party Quest, which is all about Nordic mythology. There will be over $300,000 in prizes given away during the promotion, which runs all the way up to the 23rd of July. Log in to your partypoker client and test your luck on the Ragnarök Party Quest wheel of fortune.
During the promotion, there will be seven weekly tournaments with a guaranteed prize pool from $4,000, and all the way up to $20,000 to play, on top of that, there will be a daily Asgard freeroll taking place every day at 7 pm CET, with a prize pool of $500. Each day you are eligible for six spins on the wheel of fortune.

On the wheel you have a chance to win any of the following prizes:

  • $500 Asgard Freeroll - Ragnarök Party Quest (daily during the promotion, 7 pm CET)
  • $4,000 Fenrir Freeroll - Ragnarök Party Quest (every Monday during the promotion, 8 pm CET)
  • $4,000 Loki Freeroll - Ragnarök Party Quest (every Tuesday during the promotion, 8 pm CET)
  • $15,000 Odin Freeroll - Ragnarök Party Quest (every Wednesday during promotion, 8 pm CET)
  • $10,000 Thor Freeroll - Ragnarök Party Quest (every Thursday during promotion, 8 pm CET)
  • $4,000 Sutr Freeroll - Ragnarök Party Quest (every Saturday during promotion, 8 pm CET)
  • $10,000 Heimdall Freeroll - Ragnarök Party Quest (every Sunday during promotion, 8 pm CET)
  • 1,000$ tournament ticket, that you can exchange for cash by contacting the partypoker support

On top of all the prizes written above, you will receive a ticket for $20.000 Valhalla Freeroll at a random spin of the wheel, that will be played out every Friday during the promotion, starting at 8 pm CET. The starting stack of chips in this freeroll is 1000, but each extra ticket won gives you an additional 500 chips. You can gather 25.000 chips max for the tournament.
Join the nordic gods in the fight against evil forces!