November brings exciting stuff to GG Network; Short Deck and Rush&Cash promotion 31 Oct

November is going to be quite exciting on GG Network as they plan to distribute almost $800,000 in cash prizes among their players.
And on the 4th of November, Short Deck Hold’em is coming to GG Network!

$500.000 Rush & Cash

There will be almost half a million in cash prizes divided among players on GG Network. The promotion will be divided into two categories:

  • $400,000 Rush & Cash Leaderboards
  • $20,000 Rush & Cash Weekly Missions

$400.000 Rush & Cash Leaderboards

Every week there will be exactly $100,051 divided among players with the Rush & Cash promotion. There will be 4 different leaderboards, one for each limit that you can play on this fast version of poker. The leaderboards run from Sunday to Saturday.
For every $0.01 of rake generated, players will receive 1 point. Your current leaderboard ranking can be seen HERE.

$20.000 Rush & Cash Weekly Missions

The main idea behind Rush & Cash is, on top of earning some nice cash prizes, to have fun! If you manage to complete at least 5 daily missions in a given week, you will be awarded a ticket for the Sunday $20,000 Freerolls.
You will have 3 different missions to choose from daily, and you need to complete at least one of them. The missions should not be too tough to complete, here are some examples:

  • Play a certain amount of hands (for example 200, 300, 400,...)
  • Be dealt a certain hand combination (aces, kings,...)
  • Take the All-In Insurance and receive the payout
  • Make your opponent fold on the river while you are holding 72

If you manage to complete more than 5 mission in a given week, you will receive additional chips for the freerolls:

  • 5 missions completed = 2000 chips at the freeroll
  • 6 missions completed = 4000 chips at the freeroll
  • 7 missions completed = 10000 chips at the freeroll