Partypoker Sit&Go Weekly leaderboards 04 Dec

Partypoker is making its Sit N Go tournaments (SNG) even more exciting by introducing the option to compete for a $23.500 prize pool every week.

Weekly Sit and Go leaderboards

To take part in the promotion, you simply have to play SNG tournaments, by which you will be collecting leaderboard points, where you can win cash prizes and tournament dollar T$.
There will be four different leaderboards available, split based on the amount of buy-in, giving everyone a chance to win something:

  • Low (buy-ins from $1 to $9.00) - $1,000 prize pool
  • Mid (buy-ins from $10 to $49.99) - $5,000 prize pool
  • High (buy-ins from $50 to $199.99) - $10,000 prize pool
  • High Roller (buy-ins from $200 onwards) - $7,500 prize pool

Each leaderboard is running on a weekly basis, from Monday to Sunday. Heads Up SNGs and SPINS both counts towards the leaderboard.

Leaderboard prizes:

Rank / Prize Low Mid High High Roller
1st Place $150 $750 $2,500 $2,500
2nd Place $100 $500 $1,500 $1,500
3rd Place $75 $400 $1,000 $1,000
4th Place T$50 T$350 T$750 T$750
5th Place T$50 T$250 T$500 T$500
6th Place T$40 T$250 T$350 T$250
7th Place T$40 T$200 T$300 T$250
8th Place T$20 T$150 T$250 T$250
9th Place T$20 T$150 T$200 T$250
10th Place T$10 T$100 T$150 T$250
11th - 20th Place T$10 T$50 T$100 -
21st - 30th Place T$10 T$40 T$50 -
31st - 50th Place T$5 T$20 T$50 -
51st - 65th Place T$5 T$20 - -
66th - 100th Place T$2 T$10 - -

You can check your current leaderboard position anytime over here.