Santa Rewarding Players at BetKings with $10,000 Worth of Prizes! 09 Dec

Team at BetKings (GG Network) have prepared some nice things for you to enjoy the holiday season together! And all considered, they add up to 10,000 in GTD prizes!!

Have a look at the 3 great promotions awaiting you.

- 200% up to $1,000 Bonus
- or $100 FREE Tickets & Cash
- Fish Buffet up to 60% Cashback
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BetKings Secret Santa

Reload and get 2 gifts: 1 for you, 1 for a friend!

Sure, the holiday season is a very merry time, and its main feature is... gifts! Gifts, and colors, and smiles to fill our hearts and our homes. Why not sharing some gift even at the tables?

Enjoy a Reload bonus with a Twist: deposit and we give you a 50% bonus and... another 50% to a friend of yours!

What do you need to do?

It is incredibly simple: just deposit a minimum of $20 and contact Betkings support to claim the Secret Santa Reload bonus. in your message, please also state the BetKings username of your friend, and if you would like for him to know that it was you who sent the gift. The bonus is 50% and 50% for him, so, for example, if you deposit $100 and claim the Secret Santa Reload, you will get a $50 bonus, and your friend will get another $50 for free!

If your friend hasn't got a BetKings account, he will have time until the end of the promotion (January the 8th) to open one and contact us to claim the bonus.

The minimum deposit is $20, but the maximum deposit is $600: this means that you can have up to $300 for you and $300 for a friend!

Santa’s Sleigh Chase

Yep, it happened again: Santa lost his sleigh...

While he was gathering the presents for all the good kids, an elf startled the reindeers and away they went with the sleigh...
Help Santa get back his sleigh and win a share of the $3,500!

The promotion is made up of 2 parts: the chase itself which takes place on BetKings social network pages, and the freeroll which will happen on the 23rd of December on the game client.

Every time you spot the sleigh, and you post the "Spotted!" along with your username, you will gain 500 points. But if you are the first one to answer, you will get 1200 points. You have time to answer to the post up until the sleigh gets spotted in another social the next day. So for example, if the sleigh gets spotted on Discord at 10am on a given day, you have time until the post with "the sleigh has been spotted on..." comes up the next day. If you answer after the sleigh has ben spotted elsewhere, you won't score point for that post, but you can still go to the other social to get points for the new one.

At the end of the chase, after the 16th of December, the final leaderboard will be published, and the first 10 players will win a share of the $1,000 prize as per the following table:

What about the freeroll?

By participating in the sleigh chase you will get registered to the Special Sleigh Chase Freeroll. The freeroll itself will have a limited amount of seats available, and all of the players who participated into the chase will start with EXTRA CHIPS. How much? It depends on how much points you have scored. 1 extra chips for each point!
For example: if during the Chase you scored 3,000 points, you will start the Freeroll with 3,000 extra chips.
The Freeroll itself will have a prize pool of $2,500, structured in the following way:

Christmas Platinum Quest

What would you like to find under your Christmas Tree? Well, a good choice for a gift would be.. THE GGPLATINUM! The top-tier rank for GG Fish Buffet! And this month the Platinum Quest is richer than ever, as not one, but TWO GGPLATINUM STATUS are up for grabs!
So, how do you put the treasure chest under your Christmas Tree to grab The GGPlatinum, and earn all of the exclusive privileges reserved to that status? But with BetKings' quest, of course, Christmas-themed for a cheerful and holly-jolly-ful competition!
In a nutshell: you have to complete a few quick steps, and by doing so you will enter the special freeroll. The 1st and 2nd place of the freeroll will be rewarded with the GGPlatinum status, and enjoy a 60% flat weekly cashback for a whole year! No better present than this to dive into the 2023, right?
And not only that: among all who will have completed the 9 steps, we will pick 3 random winners for a total of 100T$ in prizes! Click here to join the quest.

- 200% up to $1,000 Bonus
- or $100 FREE Tickets & Cash
- Fish Buffet up to 60% Cashback
- Contact us for PokerPro VIP deal