Hand Breakdown: Daniel Negreanu Goes For Three Barrel Bluff, Exploiting Adelstein?

In this hand, we saw Daniel Negreanu go full exploitative against Garret Adelstein and bluff him off the better hand, winning the $374,000 pot live on High Stakes Poker!


Tilly opened to $3,000(3bb), and Adelstein on CO 3-bets to $11,000(11bb) with 109 and gets 4-betted to $27,000(27bb) by Daniel Negreanu from BTN with AQ, Tilly Folds, and Adelstein calls.

Here, we can see Adelstein is 3-betting a bit wider than GTO suggests because he is trying to isolate Tilly and play HU against her when he is in position. But then Negreanu goes for a wide 4-bet with AQo and uses a bigger sizing since they are playing 350bb deep. Adelstein goes for a wide call, probably thinking he has an edge postflop, and his hand is hidden and performs well deepstacked.

Button’s Cold 4-bet Range


The flop comes 9K4, which is good for 4-bettor’s range as he has all the strongest Kx, AA, and KK hands in his range. Adelstein hits second pair and probably has to call at least one street. Adelstein checks and Negreanu goes for a range bet on this favorable board, as GTO suggests.

Button’s Flop Betting Range

As the board is favorable for the 4-bettor range, Negreanu should be betting his whole range here, and he does bet $20,000(20bb), Adelstein calls.


The turn comes 7, not changing much, but it’s a better card for Adelstein as he can have pocket sevens with a club that he decided to float on the flop (GTO suggests pocket sevens to be folded vs flop bet). Adelstein checks and Negreanu goes for a $50,000 bet with 14 percent equity; Adelstein calls.

BTN vs CO Turn Range Comparison

Here, we can see that BTN has quite an advantage in EV, and only 4.9 percent of weak hands compared to 76.4 percent of weak hands in CO’s range. Negreanu recognized it and decided to continue with a bluff.


The river comes 3, a complete brick that gives Negreanu a “clear way” since all the flushdraws and straight draws missed. Negreanu goes for third barrel bluff with a bet of $175,000(175bb); Adelstein is in a tricky spot and, after thinking for a moment, decides to fold the better hand.

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