Portuguese Ricardo De Andrade Seizes Victory at €3,000 EPT Mystery Bounty in Barcelona 03 Sep

The EPT Barcelona 2023 is drawing its curtains, and only a few tournaments remain. Amidst all the action, the much-anticipated €3,000 Mystery Bounty event was one that caught every poker enthusiast's attention. This particular tournament format has been gaining traction rapidly, and it wasn't any different in Barcelona.

Registering 1,339 entries, the prize pool skyrocketed to a hefty €2,297,724. This was a notable jump from last year's event, which witnessed 1,178 entrants. The event was buzzing from the start, with over 300 players sealing their bags on the first day. As Day 2 dawned, nearly 160 more players jumped into the action late. The chatter around the room wasn't just about survival but more about the anticipation of unveiling the mystery bounties. Players like Jeremie Zouari and Igor Picone were particularly keen, both holding enormous stacks.

Mystery Bounty box

The bounty envelopes ranged from a whopping €200,000 to lower sums, with some special envelopes offering €1,000 and a 'draw again' opportunity. Jan Bronkhorst and Samy Boujmala struck gold, each landing an envelope containing a €200,000 bounty. Boujmala was already on a high, having recently clinched the WPT Prime Aix-en-Provence title. Similarly, Simon Lofberg managed to scoop the sole €100,000 bounty, while all the €50,000 prizes were claimed on Day 2.

Samy Boujmala with €200,000 Mystery Bounty

Day 3 began with 22 players. Ismet Oral entered the final day as the chip leader, boasting a stack considerably larger than Razvan Belea's, the 2023 EPT Main Event champion in Paris. However, the felt can be unpredictable, and Oral was the first to depart the final table. Armin Rezaei began his ascent, claiming five knockouts at the final table. Still, Portuguese pro Ricardo De Andrade would prove to be an immovable force.

De Andrade and Rezaei clashed in the final, culminating in a thrilling heads-up battle. After some saggressive betting on a board of 549 6K, Rezaei attempted a bluff with T7o. However, De Andrade confidently tabled 66, showcasing a set of sixes. The win sent De Andrade into a euphoric celebration, claiming the title and top prize of €374,064, while Rezaei had to settle for second place, pocketing €233,890.

2023 EPT Barcelona €3,000 Mystery Bounty Final Table Results

Place Player Country Regular Payout
1 Ricardo De Andrade Ferreira Portugal €374,064
2 Armin Rezaei Austria €233,890
3 Yaman Nakdali Spain €167,040
4 Marcos Jose Kenne Brazil €128,510
5 Frederic Breton Canada €98,850
6 Mikel Unanue Tostado Mexico €76,030
7 Jan Bronkhorst Netherlands €58,480
8 Vladislav Solovev Russia €44,990
9 Ismet Oral Turkey €34,600