Top Hands of the Week: Negreanu From Zero to Hero 12 Oct

It’s going to be really hard to top the previous Top hands of the Week article, featuring the infamous J4 hand. But there’s more to poker than just Robbi&Garret and a lot has happened since then.

Today’s article is titled From Zero to Hero. Well to be frank, Daniel Negreanu was never really at zero, but he was having quite a rough year or two poker-wise, and this hand was a cherry on top of his downswing.

Nobody likes losing with Aces on a pure bubble of a $50k tournament and Negreanu gave this funny interview after his elimination.

And oh boy what a foreshadowing this was. Daniel really dominated the Super High Roller Bowl and won $3.3 million. But not before this ridiculous hand happened…

We have no idea what’s happening in the new episode of No Gamble, No Future, but we suspect these players might not be 100% sober. Just a hunch.

Should we even post Hustler Live Casino hands at this point? It’s technically not a hand, so let’s do it. Player called Wesley bought in with a $1 million into 5/5 game with $100 ante. Why? BECAUSE HE CAN.

Poker players are a weird breed. On one hand we’re celebrating prematurely with 72.2% equity, on the other we’re sweating profusely with 99.9%. We’ve all been there.