Why Is ClubGG the Best Platform to Play on in 2023? 06 Feb

The world's largest poker network GGNetwork decided to enter the market for poker apps in 2021. They created ClubGG, an application that is competing with established brands like PPPoker or PokerBros Clubs.
Experience all the excitement of GGPoker for free at the awesome ClubGG desktop or mobile app. It is almost a direct copy of the state-of-the-art GGPoker client, except it is completely free to play from anywhere around the world! If GGPoker is not available in your country, ClubGG opens the door to you.

Fire up tournaments and play with friends from all over the planet across various formats, all with no financial outlay on your behalf. Furthermore, ClubGG members have the chance to qualify for major live poker tournaments, including the World Series of Poker Main Event, all from the comfort of their own homes, wherever those homes may be.

How does ClubGG work?

The first step is to download ClubGG App. Available for any mobile device, both Android and iOS users can play poker through this app. In addition, you can download and install the desktop software, available for Windows 11.

Once you have downloaded the platform, the next step is to create an account. If you already have an account, you can log in via Facebook, Google, or Apple ID. If it is your first time, click on “Register now”. A form will be displayed for you to fill in. Include information such as Country, Account (email), Password, and Password Confirmation. Once you have completed these steps, a verification email will be sent to your email address. At this point, verify your email to complete the account creation process.
Then, go back to the app to choose your nickname and avatar with which other users will identify you. Remember that you can change it at any time.

Advantages of playing with us on GlubGG

Despite being relatively new, the ClubGG App will certainly enjoy massive traffic in a short time, allowing it to offer tables available to play at any time.
Wide range of games
From classic Texas Hold'em and Omaha to Open Face Chinese or Five Card Omaha, among others, enjoy a wide variety of games in ClubGG.

ClubGG App is equipped with advanced security features to detect any type of malicious or fraudulent action. In addition, players can easily communicate with the app support through support@ClubGG.net in case of any problem.
Don't forget that the Club GGPoker App is backed by GGNetwork, which ensures the reliability and security of this platform. In addition, it is RNG certified.

PokerPro's selection of ClubGG clubs

As ClubGG is becoming more popular in the poker world every day, the list of available clubs has grown substantially in the last months. We currently offer an amazing 18 different clubs for you to play on. As per usual for our site, we offer the best rakeback deals you can find online in each one of them.

List of ClubGG clubs

Club name Union Club ID Referral ID 1 CHIP
Cream UTG UTG 603494   $0.9
CHAMPION GG CryptoGG 509548   $1
Royal gamble donkey union 511730 87109376 $0.95
King Deuce donkey union 560647   $0.85
Planet Pluto StarWars 487842 72641722 $1
Turkey time   689911 87109376 1 ILS
Gambol   184318 72641722 $1
AVATAR   229801 35417609 $1
Apocalypse   872163   $1
One outer jumanji 921220   $1
Mediterrane Club private 611946 53691253 1 ILS
India Dubai kohinoor union 520833   $1
Emerald Solitaire 253538   $1
Vdara The Strip 440417   0.9 ILS
VIPgames Private 536950   $1
Nemofish Rake2High 832183 72641722 TWD
5card4life private 406597 72641722 $0.9
MaD HaHTTer Wonderland 472174   0.9 ILS

Is ClubGG legit?

Of course that is one of the most common questions that new players ask and as a free app, it does not require a gaming license, but, as we have mentioned the platform has the RNG certificate by BMM Testlabs, the longest established and most experienced private independent gaming testing laboratory in the world that is serving gaming industry for over 30 years now and which guarantees fairness in the distribution of cards, ensuring fair play.

In addition, the app is backed by GGNetwork, so reliability is more than assured. However, as a club platform, it is necessary to distinguish between the security of the app itself and the reliability of the club administrators.
Remember that, in case of playing with real money in the app’s clubs, you have to be sure of the integrity of the club administrator himself. Be wary of depositing money in clubs of which you have no reference since the person in charge of managing your funds is not ClubGG, but the administrator.

ClubGG Tournaments

The ClubGG App offers exclusive events that open the door to tournament series such as WSOP Europe, WSOP Circuit Events, MSPT, Contenders, Card Player Cruises, and Battle of Malta.

Every day, ClubGG App organizes events with up to $10,000 guaranteed and that also opens the door to the most prestigious tournaments of the moment.

Some clubs such as Cream UTG also organize monthly MTT leaderboards which are a completely new addition, but so far attracted lots of new players.

How to check your winnings and rakeback when playing with us?

We are all about innovations and making life easier for our players, agents, affiliates, and everyone else involved. That’s why we are happy to present to you a state-of-the-art Players and Partners Panel, which will make tracking your earnings, rewards, making cashouts and moving money easy as never before.
If you are a player or a PokerPro partner, you can benefit from using our Panel. Sign Up today and grow your poker earnings with PokerPro.
You can check all the panel’s features in the presentation video below.

Bots, solvers, and any sort of real-time assistance is prohibited.

The Club GG Poker client is very well designed. We found no issues while playing. We expect the development team to add many additional features when it came out of the Beta Mode. The future looks promising for this app.

Your ClubGG deal

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How to start playing?

Contact us via one of the following options and you will be playing within minutes. Support team is at your disposal and will be happy to help you!