Betkings TEAM BATTLE – Tournament Where Teamplay is Allowed 08 Jun

GGNetwork's Betkings is hosting a tournament where teamplay is not only allowed, but actually recommended! Opt-in faze for this one of a kind tournament is between 6 and 12 and the tournament will be played on 18 June.

How does this work?

There will be an opt-in phase managed through GiveLab: you'll need to visit the link below first, in order to fill the form and opt in for the Team Battle. Please do mind that all fields are mandatory and need to be correctly filled, otherwise we won't be able to get you on board!
Opt-in will be possible for 7 days: from the 6th to the 12th of June. Click here to opt in.
After opt-in phase is concluded, we will randomly assign every user to one of the 4 teams: blue, red, yellow, green. Once this is done, you'll notice your username in Discord, in our server, will get the color of your team. This will allow you to see a channel dedicated only to your team, that only you and your teammates can see and interact in!
Each team can have a maximum of 20 members. In case of a very high numbers of opt in, it is possible that further teams will be added.

The 4 Tournaments

There will be 4 Tournaments (in case of high number of opt-ins, further tournaments may be added). Each team can only have a maximum of 5 players per tournament: players will be randomly assigned to the tournaments, so that each team has the same amount of players in each of the tournaments. Those 5 players will be able to communicate in their private Team Battle Channel to maximize their chance of winning their tournament.
Each tournament awards small prizes to the players who earned them, but - and that's the most important part! - they will also award points for the final leaderboard.
Players will play collectively for the final leaderboard prize of T$3000, which will be split collectively among the members of the winning team. (Please note: only the final prize will be split among all winning team members. Single prizes from the tournaments will only be awarded to the players who earned them)
The tournaments will all take place on the 18th of June! 

Tournaments Prize Pool - T$120 GTD each

Points scored per tournament

Final Prizepool: T$3000 GTD (150 per player if teams have 20 players)

When will the prizes be credited?

At the end of the Tournaments, we will add up the points scored by each team and publish the final Leaderboard. Once the winning team has been declared, we will split the final prize equally among all winning team members, and credit it within 4 to 5 working days.

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