Dogecoin Poker Race on Betkings – 50,000 DOGE 15 May

Show your cards and score points

The more you play on Betkings, the more rewards you get. From May 15th players simply need to show their hands when playing to enter the DOGE Leaderboard. The prize money pool for this Doge-race is an astronomical 50,000 Dogecoins, and you know cryptos: DOGE may be crazy low or at the opposite be going all the way to the moon at any moment. 

What is Dogecoin?

Dogecoin is an open-source peer-to-peer digital currency and is the most fun and light-hearted cryptocurrency. It is currently getting a big share of spotlight among digital assets. At the moment one DOGE is worth $0.54.

The first 20 players on the leaderboard will collect a total of 50,000 Dogecoins. Leaderboard will start on May the 15th 00:00:00 CET and end on June the 15th at 23:59:00 CET

How to score points and climb the leaderboard?

Each time you show your hand, you score a point. You must be in a hand with at least 3 other players dealt and rake must be contributed to the pot. DOGE rewards will be sent to your cyrpto wallet. If you don’t have one, Betkings will help you with opening a DOGE wallet or a crypto exchange account.

Click here for the leaderboard.

Prizes to fly you to the moon

1st place: 11,000 DOGE
2nd place: 8,000 DOGE
3rd place: 5,500 DOGE
4th place: 3,500 DOGE
5th place: 3,000 DOGE
6th place: 2,500 DOGE
7th place: 2,000 DOGE
8th place: 1,700 DOGE
9th place: 1,500 DOGE
10th place: 1,300 DOGE
11th to 15th place: 1,100 DOGE
16th to 20th place: 900 DOGE

Go and get your DOGE!

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