Review PPPoker PrimeTime Mega Union May 2021 30 May

PPPoker is one of the first poker apps on the market to offer players the creation of their own clubs and also play in poker unions. PPPoker is designed for all poker lovers, and you will find many different games on it. This app has a few good features, but they can certainly boast of its good designed and the great poker experience it provides to the users.

PokerPro has access to many different clubs and unions, so our users have access to 18 clubs classified into 12 different unions. In this article, we will introduce you to one of the largest unions we work with, The PrimeTime Mega Union.

PrimeTime Mega Union

Introducing one of the biggest networks/unions on PPPoker, PrimeTime Mega union. It offers you a very wide selection of poker games, focusing mainly on NL Holdem and PLO. PLO5 is also becoming more and more popular, which is bringing to the tables even more action loving players who are not afraid to bluff all their chips.

NL Holdem tables have 5 different options of how many players can sit at a table. You can play on 3, 4, 5, 6 or 9-max tables, so with so many short handed options, action really is guaranteed in The PrimeTime Mega Union.


In addition to the above-mentioned games, you will also find Pineapple Hold’em PLO5, PLO6, PLO Hi/Lo, Open Face Chinese, and Multi Tables Tournaments (MTT) in this union.
Games start with 0.10/0.20 blinds and run up to 2/4. Players in the union come from all around the world, so you can find action any time you like. There is a large selection of tables on different limits. This union offers a lot of action, games often take place on more than 100 tables.

PokerPro offers you action in 2 PrimeTime Mega union clubs:

  • Check_NorriSS
  • Kirpich


The union is designed primarily for micro, low, and mid-stakes players. It is suitable for both grinders and occasional players, as it runs a lot of action throughout the day. PPPoker mtts are also nothing to sneeze at and you'll always find tournaments suitable for you. There is also a very soft game in the union, and Asian players will often keep you company at the tables.

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