The Easiest WSOP Circuit Ring Win in History? 19 Aug

WSOP Circuit Rings are one of the most coveted prizes in poker. For many, securing one of these is a career highlight, so it’s nothing short of extraordinary when someone manages to snag one with relative ease.

In May earlier this year, we wrote about a WSOP Circuit Online event that encountered technical difficulties, resulting in only 15 participants. AceHanlon took down the tournament, earning what we called the 'easiest WSOPC ring ever won' at that time. But a recent event might just take the cake.

At the recently concluded WSOP Super Circuit festival in London, where Tobias Schwecht clinched the Main Event title for £480,000, a £230 Flip & Go tournament unfolded that could overshadow any unconventional poker win as an eventual winner needed to beat only four other players.

For those unfamiliar, Flip & Go is an innovation by GGPoker that also transitioned from online to live poker events. The format consists of two stages. The first is a Crazy Pineapple setup where players are dealt three cards and are all-in by default. One of the cards must be discarded on the flop, then turn, and the river is dealt. Winners of this Stage 1 advance to Stage 2, when a regular tournament resumes in its typical form, and all players are already in the money.

Popular Flip & Go tournament format at GGPoker.

Despite a four-hour long window at the WSOP Super Circuit and unlimited re-entries, only five flips took place with a total of 40 entries, which meant only five players progressed to Stage 2, where the actual poker play began.

It was Alexander Clark who prevailed over his four rivals. With this victory, he pocketed the £2,960 first-place prize, the easiest-ever gold WSOPC ring (yes, we’re calling it again), and an invitation to the 2024 Tournament of Champions, a $1,000,000 freeroll scheduled for the 2024 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.

Alexander Clark enjoying his moment.

2023 WSOP Super Circuit London Flip & Go Results

Place Player Country Prize
1st Alexander Clark England £2,960
2nd Johnny Kelly Ireland £2,000
3rd Joanne Liu Taiwan £1,400
4th Jen-Yue Chiang United States £900
5th Robert Tang England £500

Images courtesy of WSOP.